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Bio Fashion Lab is a multifunctional hub for conscious, ethical and responsible fashion in the heart of Florence.

Bio fashion Lab is the place where fashion can be seen and experienced, and where stories, memories and experiences are shared and passed down. We give voice and space to designers, artisans and artists from all over the world through pop ups, exhibitions and workshops. 

Fashion becomes a multi-sensory experience where emotions are harnessed and connections created through clothes. Consumption will continue but in a new, conscious way.

Get ready to experience a customer experience like you’ve never seen. 

Prepare to get excited. 

Go to our calendar to see all the events, courses and workshops available or contact us to organize your event at Bio fashion Lab!

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Our goal is to raise awareness about the life cycle of clothing through a different way of consumption, promoting critical and empathetic thinking from a young age, thus building an attentive and responsible community that has no intention of giving up style.

Together with associations, industry professionals, and young creatives we have created courses, events and workshops with the aim of changing the perception of fashion by giving customers the opportunity to rent or exchange second-hand luxury clothes or buy unique clothes from emerging designers .


Knowing the origin of a garment, its past and who is behind its creation are fundamental phases for living an inclusive and emotional fashion experience that only the alternative shopping method by Bio Fashion Lab can guarantee.

The emotional label was born with this intent.

By scanning the QR code it will be possible to view the entire history of the garment. 

And you, do you want to tell us the story of the clothes you no longer wear? 


Visit our in person store for an interactive shopping experience where you can Buy, Feel, and Learn

We showcase designers who align with our mission through pop ups, host educational events and workshops in our learning space, and offer a permanent selection of second hand thrift shopping. 

Address: Via Alfonso La Marmora 25A — Florence, Italy 50121