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Wydo, an independent fashion designer brand, emerged from the vibrant streets of Tehran in 2019. Our ethos revolves around crafting distinctive wearables, embodying timeless elegance and quiet luxury.

Within our curated collection, you’ll find minimalistic yet deconstructed pieces, spanning across womenswear, menswear, and unisex styles. Recently expanding our horizons to the captivating market of Italy, Wydo unveils its creative vision, celebrating diversity and culture with every stitch. Welcome to the realm where sophistication meets uniqueness.

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Whispr is an activist fashion brand and community, designing, producing and distributing high quality artisanal and sustainable knitwear to spread awareness on gender inequality. We campaign against gender discrimination and manage our business in the most ethical and gender equal way possible. 

Through a platform sharing information and values and services to support women enter and progress in the workplace, we promote equality and strengthenwomen’s professional and personal talents.


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dress you can

DressYouCan è un servizio di noleggio online che consente di accedere da tutta Italia ad armadio infinito. Il primo Airbnb dei Guardaroba che permette di spendere meno per indossare di più, ridurre gli sprechi legati al mondo della moda e di guadagnare, mettendo a noleggio (e quindi monetizzando) il proprio armadio. Si possono noleggiare tanto capi singoli quanto look completi è inoltre possibile effettuare una prova anticipata per cui ricevere a casa fino a tre articoli precedenti l’evento.

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MacrAmorArte (Macrame +Love+Art) was born as a desire for freedom, as a belief that other realities could offer new visions. This desire came true in 2012 in the cool French countryside.
Through intricate knots and carefully selected semi-precious stones, each piece becomes a visual story of travels (India is a constant inspiration!), a synthesis of lived experiences. Weaving represents a way of creating links between different cultures, a way of capturing the essence of a place and transforming it into art. Each knot is an infinite open/close of stories, stories that are revealed through the skilled hands of a craftsman.

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